Leah Wade

DEI Data Analyst

Leah enjoys building stories through compelling data and using empathy to build connection.

Before joining the team at The Norfus Firm, she spent several years developing expertise in data analysis, relationship management, and strategic development at a multi-billion dollar travel technology company.

Her desire for equity and love for learning result in a unique approach to advocacy that is open minded, people focused, and pursues impact. She has applied this approach throughout her career, notably serving as a Global Employee Resource Group Leader for six years where she advocated for employees from underrepresented backgrounds and led company-wide Black History Month celebrations.

Leah comes from a family of advocates, starting with her grandparents. They poured into their small community through civil rights activism, starting an athletic club for young people, creating scholarships, and providing meals for those in need. They didn’t have much, but what little they had they invested into others. Their return on that investment is a legacy of children and grandchildren like Leah who carry their example into their own communities and workplaces.

Our Guiding Principles

We have had the honor of working with employees in over 20 countries and our work has led us to the following guiding principles:

We Facilitate
Human Connection

The desire for genuine human connections is something that binds us all – regardless of background.

We Foster
Trusted Spaces

Employees need trusted spaces to raise workplace concerns and reimagined ideas about how work is done.

We Encourage

Organizations must take bold actions to move from good intent to tangible change.

We Believe
Intentionality Drives Progress

For sustained and meaningful progress to occur, HR & DEI goals have to be set, widely and regularly communicated, tracked, and measured.

We are committed to partnering with clients to break down institutional inequities, increase representation across all levels of an organization and create spaces where people feel that they belong.  Are you ready to elevate your people strategies?


“What’s the DEIL?” is a podcast for organizational leaders – and those who support them – as they make their way along their DEI journey.  In this podcast, Natalie Norfus and Shanté Gordon explore how leaders can create space for authentic human connection through the lens of DEI. We know you’re busy, so we focus on practical strategies and best practices that improve employee engagement, retention, and impact.